Fotomonat Graz

Festival für zeitgenössische Fotografie

Felix Abrudan

Born and raised in post-communist Romania during the 1990s I was exposed early on to the effects of crumbling narratives. Growing up in a country in search of an identity, is probably the reason why I have always found a keen interest in unraveling the significance of stories as frames of existence. This passion for stories led me to the discovery of photography. Since 2015 I’ve been working as a versatile fashion, people and conceptual photographer in Vienna. Having a solid anthropological background, I complement my technical skills with an understanding of social and cultural developments as well as advertising psychology. Dramatic, emotional storytelling is the core feature of my work. I plan and direct elaborate productions in the areas of fashion, style and glamour. Sophisticated advertorials and documentary photography are also part of my expertise. While working in haute-couture, luxury but also people photography I prefer a heavily „scripted“ or „constructed“ approach to my imagery. This is related to my belief that objectivity in photography is essentially misleading, there is only subjectivity, we create fantasies.
In short, my images should communicate the idea that they are snippets from the daily lives of fabulously extravagant people in an endearing way.

My advertising and portraiture work has been awarded at the Landeswettbewerb der Berufsfotografen, the FEP Professional Photographer of the Year Award and the Vienna International Photo Award. I have exhibited artworks at the Galerie LIK, five art plus gallery in Vienna, F1 Grand Prix Art Weekend Singapore, Venice International Summer Academy, Rotterdam Int. Art Fair and Brick Lane Gallery, London.



Felix Abrudan; FOMO Ort: Hannelore HOELBLING. Parfumerie, Herrengasse 9, 8010 Graz


14. April – 15. Mai 2023