Fotomonat Graz

Festival für zeitgenössische Fotografie

Roswitha Wesiak


Born in Gleisdorf Austria, she didn’t follow in her parents footpath as a pharmacist, but went on to study graphic design, alongside a masterclass in painting and a college for commercial advertising in Vienna.

After years of working in agencies in Vienna and Graz, she dedicated her life to her family, especially her daughters, the younger born with Down syndrome. In the recent years Rosi has worked as a painter in her atelier mixing her passion of photography (since her early childhood) and painting. As a Leica photographer she was published at the Leica Forum International. Two of her ongoing projects include: Up and Down (photos of children with Down syndrome) and Seafordtown, a documentary series of photos of minorities in the Caribbean. 

10. Oktober – 10. November 2019